Order by Massachusetts Governor prohibiting 
gatherings of more than 10 people

;Grand Master's Message 3/23/2020

Memorial Services, Brotherhood Fund, Masonic Service (3/20)

 How to protect Zoom meetings (Stanford Univ IT advice) 

List of Masonic events canceled statewide appears below.

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These events have been CANCELED or POSTPONED:

All EASTERN STAR events statewide canceled through April 30

Wednesday April 1
17th Dist: Saint George Lodge mtg (Brockton)
21st Dist: Mount Horeb Lodge mtg (South Dennis)
22nd Dist: Lodge of Instruction (Gardner)
25th Dist: Fraternal Visit at Hayden Lodge & mtg (North Brookfield)
29th Dist: Mount Moriah Lodge mtg (Westfield)

Thursday April 2
5th Dist: Garden City Lodge mtg (Newtonville)
11th Dist: St. John's Lodge mtg & degree (Newburyport)
14th Dist: Lodge of Instruction (Concord)
15S Dist: Montgomery Lodge mtg (Milford)
23rd Dist: Franklin Lodge mtg (Worcester)
27th Dist: Hampshire Lodge mtg (Haydenville)

Friday April 3
17th Dist: Fraternal Visit at Wampatuck Lodge & mtg (E.Bridgewater)

Sunday April 5
29th Dist: Mount Moriah Breakfast (Westfield)

Monday April 6
1st Dist: Saint John's Lodge mtg (Boston) -> 5/2
4th Dist: Lodge of Instruction (Melrose)
5th Dist: Fraternal Visit at Waltham Triad Lodge (Newtonville)
6th Dist: Rufus Putnam Lodge mtg (Rutland)
17th Dist: Fellowship Lodge mtg (Bridgewater)
20th Dist: Marine Lodge mtg (Falmouth)
20th Dist: Union Lodge mtg (Nantucket)
24th Dist: Quinebaug Lodge mtg (Southbridge)

Tuesday April 7
9th Dist: Essex Lodge - "Trestleboard Without A Trace" play (Salem)
17th Dist: Paul Revere Lodge mtg (Brockton)
20th Dist: DeWitt Clinton Lodge mtg (Sandwich)
23rd Dist: Fraternal Visit at Morning Star Lodge (Worcester)-> 6/2
27th Dist: Jerusalem Lodge mtg (Hatfield)
30th Dist: Williams Lodge mtg & degree (Williamstown)

Wednesday April 8
2nd Dist: Boston University Lodge mtg (Boston)
5th Dist: Dalhousie Lodge mtg (Newtonville)
17th Dist: Fraternal Visit at Baalis Sanford Lodge (Brockton) -> 5/13

Thursday April 9
12th Dist: Ancient York Lodge mtg (Lowell)
20th Dist: Howard Lodge mtg (Yarmouth)

Friday April 10
20th Dist: Social Harmony Lodge mtg (Wareham)

Saturday April 11
Membership: Ambassador Training (Wakefield)
6th Dist: Easter Egg Hunt (Norwood & Westwood)
16th Dist: Ezekiel Bates Lodge 150th anniv (Attleboro) -> 7/11
Dists 26, 30, 31: Ritual Workshop (Dalton)

Monday April 13
5th Dist: Fraternal Visit at Norfolk Lodge (Needham)
6th Dist: Orient Lodge (Norwood)
11th Dist: St. Mark's Lodge mtg (Newburyport)
20th Dist: Fraternal Lodge mtg (Centerville)
30th Dist: Lafayette-Greylock Lodge mtg (North Adams)

Tuesday April 14
13th Dist: William Parkman Lodge mtg (Woburn)
30th Dist: Upton Lodge mtg (Cheshire)

Wednesday April 15
17th Dist: Fraternal Visit at Puritan Lodge & mtg (East Bridgewater)
20th Dist: Lodge of Instruction (Cotuit)

Thursday April 16
Membership: Ambassador Training (East Longmeadow)
8th Dist: Euclid Lodge mtg (Braintree)

Sunday April 19
20th Dist: Howard Lodge First Responder Apprciation Day (Yarmouth)
20th Dist: Howard Lodge Touch-a-Truck (Yarmouth)
25th Dist: Hayden Lodge Masonic Sunday (F.C. Church, Spencer)

Monday April 20
24th Dist: Webster Lodge mtg (Webster)

Friday April 24
24th Dist: Rose of Sharon Lodge mtg (Charlton)

Saturday April 25
Education: Treasurer and Auditor Training (Marlborough)
Education: Secretary Training (Marlborough)
20th Dist: Table Lodge at Cawnacome Sunshine Lodge (Bourne)

Monday April 27
17th Dist: Felowship Lodge mtg & degree (Bridgewater)
20th Dist: Oriental Marthas Vineyard Lodge mtg (Oak Bluffs)

Tuesday April 28
17th Dist: (Brockton)
20th Dist: Mariners Lodge mtg (Cotuit)

Wednesday April 29
2nd Dist: Boston University Lodge rescheduled mtg (Boston)

Thursday May 21
8th Dist: Euclid Lodge mtg (Braintree)

Thursday June 18
8th Dist: Euclid Lodge mtg (Braintree)

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   The book American Freemasons: Three Centuries of Building Communities, published jointly by the Museum of National Heritage (Lexington MA) and New York University Press in 2005, was written by Wor. Brother Mark A Tabbert.   He is a Past Master of Mystic Valley Lodge (Arlington, MA) and is presently the Director of Collections at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

R∴W∴ Brother Kamel Oussayef transports us to the era of Napoleon Bonaparte who proclaimed and crowned himself Emperor of the French and, among other titles, "the protector of Freemasonry".

The Vatican created a Saint called Napoleon to thank him for restoring the church privileges that the French Revolution took away. Our Brothers, in turn, dedicated in 1804, a Saint Napoleon Masonic Lodge that became one the best attended Lodges in Paris.

The 520 page-annotated translation of this Masonic manuscript (circa 1804) is divided into 12 Chapters that can be read in any order. They describe various Masonic subjects that might seem exotic, strange and even bizarre to us in the 21st century.

The book can be purchased at the Scottish Rite NMJ website.
   Book: Spirit of Freemasonry
The book, and particularly the footnotes, will cast a brighter light on Masonic texts, symbols, rituals, definitions, secret alphabets and calendars that up to now were thought to be difficult for the uninitiated to comprehend. But above all, it definitively establishes that Napoleon Bonaparte was neither a saint nor a Freemason.

The book can be purchased at scottishritenmj.org.

The book Saint Edouard: A 1748 Masonic Lodge During the French Enlightenment, is an annotated translation of a rare masonic manuscript of St. Edouard, an early Scottish Rite Lodge in 1748 Paris. It is a rare document of one of the embryos of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Bro. Oussayef's annotations let us observe the members of St. Edouard Lodge in their environment and takes into consideration their personal life and human characteristics rather than scrutinize the society in which they lived, as most historians do. Observing individuals, rather than a society, also helps make the reading of the document more pleasant and livelier. As you read about the fascinating members of St. Edouard Lodge, you get the feeling that each of them is introducing himself to you. The description of their place of work and lodging, their avocations, professions, employments or for some, the lack of any occupations, illustrates the connection that existed between Freemasonry and the societal life of these men.

The book can be purchased at the Scottish Rite NMJ website. Also available as an Amazon/kindle book. All proceeds go to the Masonic Scottish Rite Museum and Library fund to help finance future publications.

Drawing on new research by authors Aimee E. Newell, Hilary Anderson Stelling and Catherine Compton Swanson, the book includes over 130 highlights from the Grand Lodge collection of more than 10,000 items acquired since 1733.  These objects represent the rich heritage of Freemasonry in Massachusetts and tell stories of life in the fraternity, in the state and around the world.  Some items were made or used by Massachusetts Masons, while others have associations with famous American Freemasons, such as George Washington (1732-1799) and Paul Revere (1734-1818).
Book: Curiosities of the Craft
Introduced with a history of the Grand Lodge collection, the catalog treats the themes of Traditions and Roots, Ritual and Ceremony, Gifts and Charity, Brotherhood and Community, and Memory and Commemoration.  Through the treasures of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts collection, this publication explores the ordinary men, craftsmen and extraordinary leaders who built and sustained Freemasonry in Massachusetts for centuries.

   R∴W∴ Elliot Chikofsky's 2-hour 2-act lodgeroom play Trestleboard Without a Trace: C-S-I Solomon's Temple explores the Hiramic Legend from the mindset of the 21st-century television crime drama.  In the first act, they search for the missing Grand Master (TV: "Without a Trace").  In the second act, they believe they know what happened -- but how can they prove it with the technology of the day? (TV: "CSI")

This play has been used in Masonic study workshops as a focus for discussion on the meaning and lessons of the Hiramic Legend.

First international performance: February 8, 2012 by Haida Lodge in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

R∴W∴ Brother Walter H. Hunt's science fiction novel A Song in Stone places a 21st century main character in the Knights Templar in 1307, knowing that the Order will be destroyed on Friday, October 13.  But what can he do about it?  The book explores the Templar mythos surrounding the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.   

   R∴W∴ Brother David P. Newcomb's poetry reflects on the philosophies and mission of the many principal and appendant bodies that are part of Freemasonry.  His work examines the meaning of the Masonic journey and those met along the way.

Fraternal Reflections of Our Masonic Family (PDF)


These beautiful mosaics by Bro. Paul Ciccotelli were
installed on November 12, 2010 on the left and right
of the entryway for Pythagorean Lodge in Marion MA.

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