This area of service relates directly to our Masonic obligation - "to help, aid and assist...." It would also ensure that a member's wife's future (as a possible widow) will not be one of loneliness and neglect. This program is to provide friendship and guidance to let the widow know that she has been remembered and not forgotten. She remains an important part of the Masonic family.

The Widows Program has unlimited possibilities that may include invitations to lodge social events, personal visits and attention, notes for holidays or special occasions, transportation to doctors, stores, etc. Every Mason is a candidate for membership on this committee and every Mason should play an active role in the Widows Program.

The Grand Lodge Supply Department has a supply of widows' pins (broken column encircled by a wreath) which are available for a minimal cost. Many Lodges remember their widows with flowers at Christmas and have a widows' night to honor their widows and the above items are presented.

Standard Lodge procedure dictates that the Lodge Secretary notify the Grand Secretary upon the death of a brother. They will have a Grand Chaplain write a personalized letter of condolence to the widow from Grand Lodge. This is a special effort from the Grand Chaplains and is done only for Masonic widows.

If you are a widow trying to reconnect with your husband's lodge or in need of services, please contact the Service Department.