MYCHIP (Masonic Youth Child Identification Program) has identified more than 250,000 children since its inception in 1988, and it continues to assist families today. The program provides tools to help law enforcement authorities find and identify a lost or missing child. The Masons of Massachusetts, partnering with the Massachusetts Crime Prevention Officers Association and the Massachusetts Dental Association, donate MYCHIP resources to make this service available to the public. None of the materials are copies and all the identifying materials are given to the child's family.

MYCHIP includes:

A brief videotaped interview that can be quickly distributed to the media in order to reach a huge audience.
Fingerprinting is a well-known means of identification. Resourceful parents keep fingerprints available should the need arise.
A tooth print bite impression is quick and easy. Teeth, like fingerprints are unique. A dental imprint gives both accurate and important information for identification purposes.
A Q-tip is gently rubbed on the inside of a child's cheek to gather DNA material.
This program is nationally recognized and applauded. It serves as a valuable tool for parents as well as law enforcement officials. Additionally, the program is an excellent way to promote Masonic Awareness in every community.


Technological advances are currently allowing for equipment updates which will utilize DVD's, electronic fingerprint scanners and other improvements. The new kits are being prepared in "easy-to-carry" briefcase size cases. For specific information on the MYCHIP Program, visit the website at

If you are interested in having a MYCHIP event, please contact the Service Department