One of the most important functions of our service work is attention to our sick and shut-ins. No matter how diligent and efficient a Master and his officers may be, these few men cannot accomplish what a well organized Visitation Committee might be able to do. The key is communication. Maintaining accurate records, complete with phone numbers, snail-mail and e-mail information is strongly suggested. Greeting cards, including Get Well, Sympathy and Holiday Greetings could be sent. Calls on the sick and distressed should be made as often as possible. Short visits are preferable, and should be made by a variety of brethren. Not all men make good visitors, so consideration in this respect should be given in selecting visitors. Important characteristics for visitations would be men who have the personality and/or talents to cheer and uplift a patient. It is also important to recognize that some shut-ins feel cut off and disconnected from others. Bringing information about other brethren, lodge or district activities and various local or fraternal information may serve to reconnect our brethren to their lodges and fraternities.

If you are a brother or a family member of a brother who is sick or distressed, please contact your Lodge Secretary and/or Worshipful Master. If you do not know your Lodge Secretary and/or Worshipful Master's name, or you are a Mason from another jurisdiction in Massachusetts, please contact the Service Department for assistance.


Individual Lodges, Districts and the Grand Lodge have a hospital equipment program to loan sick room equipment to individuals in the community. The Service Committee representative assigned to this task will find his efforts rewarding. If the Lodge does not have a program yet and would like assistance starting one then call the Grand Lodge Service Department for help. If you are looking for hospital equipment, please call the Service Department and we will help you find the equipment you need if it is available.


Some Lodge Service Committees are fortunate to have a Lodge Librarian. Through his efforts, many members have taken advantage of the opportunity to borrow books from the Grand Lodge Library. The Librarian obtains an availability list, circulates it among members, and handles requests. It has proven to be a valuable service to shut-ins and an excellent resource for those without electronic communication capabilities.

You may also contact the Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library at the Grand Lodge.