Although our top ten branches have been identified, there has been considerable interest in the reception committee. While this may easily fall under other categories, it certainly is related to Masonic Service. Therefore, we include it here for special consideration. Regardless of the category, this committee is a valuable and worthy function in any well governed lodge.

A Reception Committee is an important asset to a Lodge, and may be well managed as a function of the Service Committee. Visiting brethren or members who seldom attend may come into our anteroom and unless someone greets them and tries to make them feel at home, may be so uncomfortable that they will not care to come again. The Lodge may work diligently to increase attendance but unless the brethren enjoy themselves, their work may be for naught.

The three brothers selected to investigate a candidate should be considered to act as the candidate's reception committee. For example, when the candidate attends Lodge, these men could introduce him to the brethren, stay with him as much as possible, and make him feel at home among his new associates.

(We suggest the Reception Committee might consist of Lodge Elders and newer members, thereby combining youth and enthusiasm with age and experience. A simple greeting at the door along with an invitation to join together at dinner will make most visitors feel right at home. Being included in the festivities and sitting among brethren is something all Masons desire and our fraternity should respond accordingly.)